Balsam Peru Oil - Myroxyron Balsamun

Balsam Peru Oil

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Balsam Peru Oil

  • Botanical Name - Myroxylon Pereiraa
  • Grade - Cosmetic
  • Odor - Typical balsamic, rich sweet and very tenacious
  • Country of Origin - India
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Balsam Peru Oil :

A majestic tree, balsam of Peru or Myroxylonpereirae secretes a thick brown enveloping resin when wounded, with the power to heal its bark. The purified resin is used to make balsam of Peru essential oil and resinoid, which have very similar olfactory qualities. The vanilla-balsamic notes of Peruvian balsam produce a delightful fragrance, its mellow, fleshy roundness surrounding the delicate floral sillage reminiscent of orchids and white flowers. A long-lasting base note, Balsam of Peru brings a sweet, rich touch to floral and oriental compositions.

Aromatically, Peru Balsam has a mild but deep, rich aroma that is woody yet sweet with a vanilla and benzoin quality. It also possesses a very subtle hint of cinnamon. Peru Balsam contains constituents that are present in Benzoin and Cinnamon Essential Oil.

The oil widely used in Cosmetics, Perfumery, Toiletries & Aromatherapy Products.

  • Botanical Name - Myroxylon Pereiraa
  • Method of Production - Steam Distillation
  • Color and Appearance - Dark yellow, brown pourable viscous oil. 
  • Odor - Typical balsamic, rich sweet and very tenacious 
  • Odour Strength - Medium 
  • Grade - Cosmetic
  • Application - It imparts depth and natural spicy sweetness to a rose and warm balsamic body in amber or oriental bases, “powder” type fragrances etc. 
  • Blends well with - Sandalwood , Rose,Gardenia,Tuberose,Ylang Ylang and Carnation bases. 
  • Industrial destination - Fragrance Industry, Flavour Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry. 
  • Country of Origin - India 
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Sample Size 5 ML
Appearance N/A
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Aromatic Strength N/A
Available Quantity Yes
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Botanical Name Myroxylon Pereiraa
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Extraction Process N/A
Fragrance N/A
Grade N/A
Main Ingredients N/A
Odor Profile N/A
Other Name N/A
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