Orris Absolute

SKU: DBR/ABO/017-Sample
Pure Orris Abs Oil_Iris Pallida Oil
Orris Absolute Oil via solvent Extraction
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Orris Absolute

SKU: DBR/ABO/017-Sample
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Orris Absolute | Iris Pallida 

Orris root Absolute is the root of some species of iris, grown principally in southern Europe. Once important in western herbal medicine, it is now used mainly as a fixative and base note in perfumery, as well as an ingredient in many brands of gin in India and other countries.

Orris Absolute Uses and it's Properties :

  • Botanical Name - Iris Pallida
  • Color and Appearance - Brownish Viscous Liquid
  • Odor - Violet like odor, sweet floral , warm and tenacious
  • Odour Strength - Medium
  • Grade - Therapeutic 
  • Application - Orris  is mainly used in perfumes impart a high class radiant Woody floral note. It practically improves the quality of Any fragrance
  • Blends well with - Cedarwood, Bergamot, Rose, Sandalwood, Violet, Vetiver
  • Industrial destination - Fragrance Industry, Flavour Industry, Incense  Industry, Cosmetic Industry 
  • Country of Origin/Production - India

Orris Root Absolute Oil

Orris Root Absolute Oil is procured from the bulb of the Iris pallida flower which is native to Europe, North Africa, and Western Asia. This incredible oil has been used for a long time in fine perfumery, cosmetics, and aromatherapy owing to its distinctive, luxurious woody-earthy aroma. 

Orris Root Absolute Oil by DBR Exports India is extracted using a meticulous solvent extraction process. It has several therapeutic benefits, including reducing stress, improving mental clarity, enhancing skin tone, regenerating skin, and improving the skin's overall health. 

With all these incredible attributes, Orris Absolute Oil finds its uses in various industries like fragrance, flavour, cosmetics, etc. So, if you are looking for the highest-quality Orris Absolute Oil at a reasonable price, feel free to reach out to DBR Exports India.


Why is Orris Absolute Oil so expensive?

Orris Absolute Oil is expensive because it takes a large amount of orris root to produce a small amount of the oil. Also, the entire process involved in procuring the root and extracting the oil is pretty meticulous and takes a lot of time and effort.

What is Orris Absolute Oil used for?

Orris Absolute Oil is popularly used in aromatherapy, and is used primarily for its exquisite fragrance in products like luxurious perfumes, soaps, room fresheners, etc. It has also been known to have anti-inflammatory and antiseptic properties, making it a great choice for cosmetic and therapeutic usage too.



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