Patchouli Oil (Indonesia)

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Patchouli Oil_Pogostemon Cablin Oil by DBR Exports India
Patchouli essential Oil steam distilled
Patchouli Oil (Indonesia)

Patchouli Oil (Indonesia)

SKU: DBR/ESO/085-Sample
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Patchouli Essential Oil | Pogostemon Cablin:

Patchouli oil is derived from the leaves of Patchouli plant botanically known as Pogostemon cablin via steam distillation process. It has a strong, earthy, and musky aroma, and is commonly used in the fragrance industry to provide a base note in perfumes and colognes.

Patchouli oil uses and Benefits:

  1. Patchouli oil for Cosmetics: It is used in a variety of cosmetic products, such as creams, lotions, and soaps, due to its antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties. 

  2. Patchouli oil for aromatherapy: Patchouli oil is used in aromatherapy due to its grounding and calming properties. It is believed to help relieve stress and anxiety, promote relaxation, and improve mood.

  3. Insect repellent: The oill is believed to repel insects such as mosquitoes and ants, making it a popular ingredient in insect repellent products.

  4. Patchouli Oil for fragrance making: Patchouli essential oil is widely used in the fragrance industry for its unique scent, but it also has other applications.
  5. Patchouli oil for natural perfume: Patchouli oil is a popular ingredient in natural perfumes due to its earthy, musky aroma that can provide a rich and exotic scent to fragrances. It has a unique and distinctive fragrance that blends well with other essential oils and can add depth and complexity to a perfume blend.Overall, patchouli oil is a valuable essential oil with a wide range of industrial uses and benefits. Whether used in cosmetics, textiles, or aromatherapy, Perfumery. Patchouli oil can be used in a variety of ways when making natural perfumes. It can be used as a base note to provide a lasting and lingering scent to a fragrance, or it can be used as a middle note to add depth and complexity to a perfume blend. It can also be combined with other essential oils such as lavender, bergamot, and ylang-ylang to create unique and customized fragrances.
  • Botanical Name - Pogostemon Cablin
  • Color & Appearance - Pale Yellowish
  • Odor - Rich sweet-herbaceous, aromatic spicy and woody balsamic
  • Odour Strength - Medium
  • Method of Production - Steam Distillation
  • Country of Origin - Indonesia
  • Grade - Therapeutic
  • Industrial destination - Medicine, Fragrance Industry, Cosmetic Industry
  • Application - Patchouli forms an important ingredient in oriental bases, woody bases, fougere, Opoponax bases, powder type perfumes etc.It is an excellent masking agent for depilatory creams in combination with orange type materials.


Q: Is Patchouli oil safe to use?

Ans: Patchouli oil is generally considered safe when used as per experts recommendation. However, it is important to dilute the oil before applying it to the skin, as it can cause irritation and sensitivity in some people. Patchouli oil should also not be ingested, as it can be toxic.

Q: How do I use Patchouli oil?

Ans: Patchouli oil can be used in a variety of ways, including:

  • Diluted in a carrier oil and applied to the skin
  • Added to a diffuser or humidifier for aromatherapy purposes
  • Added to bath water for a relaxing soak
  • Used as a natural insect repellent

Q: What are the Patchouli oil benefits ?

Ans: Patchouli oil is believed to have a variety of benefits, including:

  • Relieving stress and anxiety
  • Improving mood
  • Promoting relaxation
  • Improving skin conditions like acne and eczema
  • Repelling insects

Q: Can Patchouli oil be used during pregnancy?

Ans: It is generally not recommended to use Patchouli oil during pregnancy, as it can stimulate contractions and cause complications. It is best to consult with a healthcare provider before using any essential oils during pregnancy.

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