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Welcome to DBR Exports India, The Soul of Nature...

Customer Services:

At DBR Exports India, we try to offer best products, bundled with best possible services to its valued customers, to make their buying experience even more satisfactory and comfortable with us…

  1. Options for Placing an Order with Us
  2. Mode of Payment
  3. Order Tracking
  4. Mode of Transportation & Freight Charges

Options for Placing an Order with Us:

  1. Online Shopping:  Our website is well equipped to offer the buyer a great Online Shopping experience with secured mode of payment via PayPal.
  2. Order via Phone:   We are also reachable at +91-9794739616 and +91-512-3314631 to discuss the buyer’s requirement and help the buyer placing the order with us.
  3. Order via Email:    The buyer can also discuss his/her requirement with us at and upon agreement; he/she can place the order at the stated mail id, along with the payment confirmation, to get the order processed. 

      Security Note: Please do not email us your credit card details, instead please indicate the best contact number for us to call you to arrange payment.

Mode of Payment: 

The buyer can pay us the order amount, via any one of the mentioned payment options below…

  1. Bank Transfer (T/T)
  2. PayPal            (only up to 9000 US $/transaction)     

Except online shopping, the bank and PayPal details are shared only upon request or along with our manual quotation

Order Tracking:

After the dispatch of the order, we’ll send the dispatch confirmation mail to the buyer, containing the courier and shipment tracking details, so that the customer can track the shipment online on a real time basis.

Though very rare but if the buyer does not receive any dispatch confirmation mail from us, then we request the buyer to send us a alert for the same at , so that our executive can send the dispatch confirmation mail.

Mode of Transportation & Freight Charges:

  1. We have signed up with FedEx and DHL to take care of our International logistics via Air Mode of transportation, to make sure that our steamed customers receive their order/shipment Faster, Safer and conveniently
  2. Since we do not operate our Shipping Department as separate profit Center, so in all cases, we pass on, our Best Discounted Shipping Rates (via FedEx and DHL) to our customers, so as to make our products available to them economically.