Kapoor Kachri Oil-Hydechium Spicatium

Hedychium Oil (Kapur Kachri)

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Hedychium Oil (Kapur Kachri)

  • Botanical Name -        Hedychium Spicatum 
  • Grade -                          Therapeutic
Hedychium Oil (Kapur Kachri) is available to buy in increments of 1

Hedychium Oil (Kapur Kachri)

Hydacheium grows to up to 3 feet tall and the leaves are 16 inches long by 4 inches wide. 8 inch long loose terminal flower spikes have individual flowers that are yellow with reddish stamens. 

  • Botanical Name -        Hedychium Spicatum 
  • Country of Origin -      Nepal
  • Oil Color -                     Brownish
  • Oil Grade -                    Therapeutic
  • Pant Part -                    Root
  • Extraction Method -   Steam Distillation
  • Usage - Cosmetics, Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Medicine and More...

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Botanical Name Hydechium Spicatium
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