Ylang Ylang Oil - Cananga Odorata - Super

Ylang Ylang Oil (DSS)

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Ylang Ylang Oil - Cananga Odorata

Ylang Ylang Oil

Ylang Ylang Oil - Cananga Odorata - selecta

Ylang Ylang Oil (DEX)

Ylang Ylang Oil (DSS)

  • Botanical Name: Cananga Odorata
  • Odor: Powerful and intensely sweet floral.
  • Country - India
  • Grade - Cosmetic
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Ylang Ylang Oil (DSS):

Ylang-Ylang means ‘flower of flowers’ and is so named because of its amazingly complex floral scent. It is used heavily in perfumery and often blended with other florals such as jasmine, rose and tuberose, but it is a captivating scent in its own right. The oil is considered to have aphrodisiac properties, yet its aromatherapy uses are generally indicated for stress-related disorders such as nervous tension, depression, insomnia, frigidity, and impotence.  

  • Botanical Name: Cananga Odorata
  • Color & Appearance: Light pale yellow mobile liquid
  • Odor: Powerful and intensely sweet floral.
  • Odour Strength:  Medium
  • Country: India
  • Production: Steam Distillation
  • Main Ingredients: Benzyl Acetate,Linalool,Geranyl Acetate,Iso Eugenol.
  • Grade - Cosmetic
  • Blends well with: Bergamot, Neroli,Grapefruit, Cedarwood,Eucalptus,Jasmine,Lavender,Opoponax,Petitgrain,Rosewood,Tuberose etc.
  • Application: In soap perfumes and in general perfumery as floral a ddit iveof extremely,versatile application.
  • Industrial destination: Fragrance Industry, Incense Industry, Cosmetic Industry
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Botanical Name Cananga Odorata
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