5 Ways to Determine the Quality of Essential Oils

Essential oils are concentrated extracts derived from the various parts of plants including leaves, stems, flowers, etc., usually by the process of mechanical pressing or steam distillation.

The plant extracts in the form of essential oils typically retain the natural flavor, fragrance, and all the key properties possessed by the plant part. Thereby, essential oils find usage in several applications entailing aromatherapy, cosmetic applications, fragrance industries, pharmaceutical applications, and many more. Also, it is important to note that essential oils usually need to be used in minimal quantities as they are concentrated plant extracts. Nonetheless, the quantity needed in various applications also depends on the purity of essential oils and the process used for their extraction.

If you scour the internet, you will come across several essential oil manufacturers and essential oil suppliers providing a range of essential oils with distinct properties and usage. Selecting the best essential oil from the available options and determining its quality can be a bit tricky. So, here we bring you five key ways to help you assess the quality of the essential oils and make a sensible choice.


Top 5 Ways to Assess the Quality of Essential Oils


 1- Check for the source and extraction process 

Before purchasing from an essential oil supplier, It is essential to check the source. Ensure that the supplier has procured the oil from a reliable source and has provided the necessary details.

Top-quality oil is typically procured from areas that are conducive to the growth of that particular plant. Also, check if the oil is derived using a safe steam distillation process that ensures a top-quality and efficient extraction.


 2- Verify the botanical names

One of the best ways to analyze the essential oil quality is to check for the plant strain and its botanical name used to derive the oil. A credible essential oil manufacturer or supplier will usually use the appropriate plant variant and mention its precise botanical name to help buyers make a sensible choice.


 3- Quality Check

It is best to avail yourself of a sample before making the actual purchase to check the color and consistency of the oil. Seek help from an expert and check if the color and consistency of the sample are appropriate.


 4- Assess the aroma

One of the best ways to ascertain the quality of essential oils is to rely on your nose! Superior quality essential oils typically have a strong, lingering, and pleasant fragrance.

If you feel that the aroma is too light or if it exudes a chemical-like smell, chances are the oil is adulterated and the quality is inferior.


 5- Credibility of the Supplier / Manufacturer

It is extremely important to be aware of the credibility of the supplier or the manufacturer. To do so, you much vet the certification of the supplier with respect to the Essential oils industry norms. For instance, you may check:

  • If the supplier is a registered member with any of the Government Recognized Spice Board of their country,
  • Determine their management standards through management related certification of the like of, ISO 9001:2015
  • Check if the manufacturer is GMP certified for following good manufacturing practices.


Bottom Line

In essence, if you are looking for top-quality essential oils procured from reliable sources and extracted using safe and effective methods, research well.

Before finalizing a supplier or manufacturer, check for their certifications and see if their products are third-party tested to ensure their credibility. Also, check for all the factors mentioned above and make a prudent choice.

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