SCFE Co2 Extracts / Oils

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    SCFE CO2s are extracted using carbon dioxide (Co2), Since there is “No heat” used during the process, so the extract/oil via Co2 is believed to have number of advantages over pure essential oil, such as Undamaged oil constituents, Longer shelf life, Aroma is more closer to natural herb etc.

    7 products
    Pure Roasted Coffee Oil Co2_Pure Coffee Arabica Oil Co2
    Pure Roasted Coffee Oil SCFE Co2
    Coffee Oil - Co2
    from $7.00
    CO2 Coriander Oil _Pure Coriandrum Sativum Oil Co2 by DBR Exports India
    organic coriander essential oil_Coriander Seed CO2 Oil (SCFE)
    Coriander Oil (Co2)
    from $7.00
    turmeric oil co2 extract_Curcuma Longa Oil Co2 by DBR Exports India
    Organic Turmeric CO2 Extract_Turmeric Essential Oil
    Turmeric Oil Co2
    from $7.00
    Pure Fannel Seed Oil Co2_Pure Foeniculum Vulgare Oil Co2 by DBR Exports India
    Pure Fannel Seed Oil SCFE Co2
    Fennel Seed Oil Co2
    from $5.00
    Clove Bud CO2 Ext Oil_Pure Syzygium aromaticum Oil Co2
    Clove bud Scfe Co2 oil
    Clove Bud Oil Co2
    from $5.00
    Pure Fenugreek Oil Co2_Pure Trigonella Foenum Graecum Oil Co2 by DBR Exports India
    Pure Fenugreek Oil SCFE Co2
    Fenugreek Oil (Co2)
    from $7.00
    Cumin Seed Oil Co2_cumin seed co2 extract
    SCFE Cumin Seed CO2 Oil_Cumin Seed Co2 Oil
    Cumin Seed Oil (Co2)
    from $7.00