About Us

DBR Exports India (DEI) is a professionally run organization, involved in the manufacturing, Supply and Export of Natural Oils and other oils pertaining to cosmetics, perfumery, aromatherapy, pharmaceutical, confectionary and Fragrance & Flavor industries. Well understanding of our clients and their requirement are the prime responsibility of DEI, so that we can deliver best products/services to our prestigious costumers and make them feel delighted.

For DEI, the meaning of true success lies in maintaining a long term relationship with its clients and increasing the satisfied customer base. Years of Local market experience has given us enough strength that in the start of year 2010, we extended our arms to serve the Global Market, which is in need of Real and Quality Oils, to be used as an ingredients, to make and offer quality end products to their customers. DEI pays proper attention to every customer, whether new or existing and enjoys serving them to the BEST of its ability.

Business Ethics and Principals:

The business functioning at DBR Exports India is based on the pillars of principles, which give us energy and strengths to serve our valued customers well and keeps us moving.

  1. Honesty- We believe that business run with honesty in all its functional area, has no limit of growth.
  2. Team Work and Trust- Since we value team work, so maintaining the mutual trust and cooperation among the business associates becomes one of the essential ingredients of DEI’s foundation.
  3. Ethics- As a responsible citizen, we understand our responsibilities towards nature that is why preserving the natural resources and protecting the in danger species are DEI’s top most priority.
  4. Transparency and commitment- We understand that to have a healthy business, we have got to build a healthy relationship with our stake holders and that is why maintaining transparency and abide by our commitments in all the business transaction is in the core practice of DEI.
  5. Continuous improvement- To serve our customer well, it is very important to keep us updated with the latest business practices, trends, requirements etc and in DEI, we follow this principal religiously.

Manufacturing Infrastructure and Quality Control Practices:

Being a professionally managed organization,  DBR Exports India (DEI) www.dbrexportsindia.com holds a great amount of accountability towards its Domestic and International clientage, who are from diversified industry groups, such as big Cosmetic Brands, Perfume making companies, Aromatherapy, Pharmaceutical, Confectionary, Packaged food and FMCG industries.

Our State-of-the-Art Manufacturing Facility, Team of Skilled Staff and Stringent Quality Control Process, have proved to be the back bone of DEI www.dbrexportsindia.com , which help DEI in delivering High Quality Oils at a best possible rates to our customers.

Our Stringent Quality Control Parameters:

  1. Inspection of the Crop and its botanical Species.
  2. Inspect that the crop is developed organically and is not subject to agrochemicals.
  3. Use of adequate Low pressure distillation techniques.
  4. The process of distillation and it purification take place in a hygienic environment.
  5. Visual inspection of Oils.
  6. Odor evaluation of the oils.
  7. Lab testing to evaluate the physical properties of the Oils.
  8. Testing the purity using GLC or GC/MS technology.
  9. Finally the produced oils are kept hygienically, in well packed jars and containers, to preserve the physical properties of the oil.

Our In House Testing Lab is well equipped with the Advance Technology, which help us in delivering High Grade Oils to our esteemed clients.

Though, we at DEI always focus on selling our own distilled Oils but we also understand the fact that being in the natural industry, where the row material is scattered geographically, no one can claim to be the manufacturer of all Natural Oils. The reason for the same is quite obvious that, the high grade natural Oils can only be obtained via quality crop, which is cultivated under the suitable climate, altitude and soil conditions, hence if a company tries to collect all the geographically scattered crops at one place for centralized distillation of the oil, then there is high chance of that company, not being able to produce Quality Oil at a best possible cost.

So to encounter such critical condition of our industry and offer High Quality Natural Oils at a Best Price Point, DBR Exports India have successfully managed to have tie ups with best of the best regional distillers globally to source Quality Oils at right price point.

Our Well Equipped Lab handled by Well Trained Technical Staff help us in ensuring that we source high standards quality oils only.

Today, DEI www.dbrexportsindia.com , with its continuous improvement, has managed to offer a vast range of Quality Natural Oils ranging from Essential Oils, Floral Absolutes, Spice Oils, Oleoresins, Resinoids, Organic Oil, SCFE Co2 Extracts to High Quality Fragrances and Flavors, which are being used as an ingredient by many successful consumer brands and industries globally.

Our Vision:

Our aim is to be The Most Preferred Indian Company by Global Cosmetics, Perfumery, Aromatherapy, Pharmaceutical, Fragrance and Flavor industries.

Our Mission:

Our mission is to keep on increasing the base of satisfied customers, by serving them to the best of our ability and:

  • By providing the Quality Products at a reasonable price point.
  • By providing timely, continuous and safe delivery
  • In India, we consider our customers as GOD and DEI knows it very well that to keep our GOD happy it is very essential to know his desires and expectations well so that the same can be delivered to have our GOD satisfied and Happy.
  • Our R&D department continuously strives for inventing innovative range of products, as per the analyzed needs of the consumer market, so that the same can be utilized effectively in the variety of developing/existing products lines of our clients.
  • By maintaining the ecological balance and preserving the in danger species of herbs/plants.
  • Increasing the breadth of our distribution channel and global alliance, so that the clients can access our range of products more conveniently, and we can deliver the order in lesser lead time.


Responsibilities towards environment:

  • DEI is committed towards protecting the environment & ensuring the health and safety of its associates.
  • We do not deal or conduct our research work on in danger species.
  • We maintain adequate hygienic environment at our work place to obtain quality and Safe Production.


Social Responsibility:

DEI makes a significant contribution towards society through donations, conducts aromatherapy awareness programs and community development.

Our Packaging:

We have come up with a wide range of Essential Oils which are fabricated using finest quality ingredients. Our team packs these oils in protective packing material that ensure safe delivery. However, the packaging can also be customized to suit the specific requirements of clients and products itself. The best thing about our packing of Oils. is that, it plays an active role in protecting the physical attributes of Essential Oils, which are known for pleasant fragrance and aroma. The packing happens in hygienic conditions to monitor the various safely measures.

Word of Caution:

Please avoid using low priced or cheap essential oils as the chances are high that they are adulterated with a synthetic component either partially or completely. Such oil does not guarantee the productive results but on the contrary may cause skin irritation, sensitization, infection or other unwanted reactions.
Some shortsighted traders and dealers often tend to increase the quantity of expensive oils by adding cheap synthetic component to it and make some extra bucks, but they fail to understand that this kind of wrong activity may be risky for someone, who is allergic to synthetics. Aromatherapy/Cosmetic is one such industry where people should choose the essential oils supplier very carefully.