Absolute Oils: A Comprehensive Guide to Types, Benefits & More

Absolute oils just like essential oils are natural plant extracts but are more concentrated and aromatic than conventional essential oils. AT DBR Exports India, absolutes are extracted from various plant parts by a food-grade solvent extraction process to ensure their efficacy and quality. These extracted absolutes are 100% pure, and free from contaminants or chemical residues. 

Unlike essential oils, which can evaporate quickly, absolute oils are non-volatile, which implies that they can remain in liquid form for longer and can be easily used for aromatherapy, skincare, and other cosmetic and therapeutic applications.

DBR Exports India provides several types of absolutes which have unique benefits and uses. This article will provide a comprehensive guide to absolute oils and their various types, benefits, and uses.

Types, Benefits, and Uses of Absolute Oils

A wide variety of absolute oils derived by the safe and effective solvent-extraction process are available at DBR Exports India which has several therapeutic, cosmetic, and many other applications. 

Here are discussed a couple of popular absolutes, their properties, and their uses to gain a better understanding of absolute oils.

1- Rose Absolute

Rose absolute is obtained from the petals of top-quality rose flowers by a food-grade solvent extraction process. This absolute is highly concentrated and has an intensely sweet, and delicate aroma, and has excellent rejuvenating and therapeutic properties.


Available types: Tea Rose Absolute, Rosa Damascena, Rose De Mai Absolute 

Applications: Every variant of rose absolute has distinctive attributes and thus has different applications. Nonetheless, a few popular applications include the production of perfumes, cosmetics, food flavorings, and several other therapeutic applications.

2- Jasmine Absolute

Jasmine Absolute is extracted from the flowers of Jasmine plants, by using the same solvent extraction process and is rich with aromatic and several therapeutic properties. This absolute has a sweet, rich, lingering floral scent that is sensuous as well as relaxing.


Available types: Jasmine Sambac Absolute, Jasmine Auriculatum Absolute and Jasmine Grandiflorum Absolute 

Applications: Both these absolutes have unique characteristics and are popularly used in fragrance, cosmetics, and incense industries owing to their rich, soothing scent.

3- Orange Blossom Absolute (Neroli Absolute)

Orange Blossom Absolute (Neroli Absolute) is derived from the flowers of the bitter orange tree by the solvent extraction process and has an intensely sweet, floral, and citrusy aroma. It is excellent for alleviating stress, high blood pressure, and menopausal symptoms. Also, owing to its antimicrobial, antifungal, and antioxidant properties, it can be used to reduce skin irritation, inflammation, and acne issues. 


Available types: Orange Blossom Absolute Oil/ Citrus Aurantium

Applications: Due to its phenomenal therapeutic and aromatic properties, it is widely used in the fragrance industry, pharmaceutical industry, cosmetic industry, etc.

4- Champaca Absolute 

Champaca Absolute is a luxurious oil derived from the flowers of the Champaca tree. It is a yellow-orange oil with a sweet oily-grassy top note, and delicately sweet, tea-like, or hay-like fragrance. 


Available types: Champaca Absolute Oil (Michelia Champaca)

Applications: Owing to its powerful anti-inflammatory, antiseptic, anti-fungal, and antidepressant properties it is used in various therapeutic applications. Also, this absolute finds its uses in aromatherapy and fine perfumery because of its luxurious fragrance.

Apart from these above-mentioned absolutes, DBR Exports India provides numerous top-quality absolutes with amazing properties and a wide range of uses that you can check here.  

You can get in touch with DBR Exports India, to explore their wide range of absolutes and essential oils, understand their properties and usage, and shop the required ones in desired quantities at the best prices on the market.



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