Introduction to Blue Lotus Oil: Origins, Properties, and Benefits/Uses

Origin of Blue Lotus Oil

The Blue Lotus oil is extracted from the Blue Lotus(Nymphaea caerulea) which originated in East Africa and South Arabia. As the flower rises from water and darkness, it symbolised the “origin of life”. Blossoming of this flower occurs from July till the end of summer. It was used as an aphrodisiac, refresher and medication in ancient Egypt. Since it is intoxicating, this flower was also called as cannabis of Egypt.

The natural habitat of these flowers is freshwater ponds and rivers and this plant is becoming extinct along the Nile River where it was initially cultivated. Currently, the blue lotus flowers are extensively cultivated in Asia, for their wide range of benefits. The Blue lotus oil represents the Blue colour of the Blue lotus flower and its extracted by using “solvent extraction” from fresh flowers.

                                 Blue Lotus Oil

Properties of Blue lotus oil

Blue lotus oil is known for its psychoactive properties. These psychoactive properties affect emotions and cognition. It can also induce hallucinations and feelings of ecstasy for short durations.

This oil is also known for its anti-oxidant and anti-spasmodic properties. The medicinal properties were utilized by the Ancient Egyptians. Ancient Greeks and Ancient Tibetans. 

Benefits of Blue Lotus oil

Ascension: Blue lotus oil is known to improve intuition and increase sanctity. It is a great companion for meditation and it can improve the consciousness of a person. It can also help open the third eye chakra and is often used along with crystals. It is also known to induce positive feelings and ward off evil spirits. It can also be used for recreation.

Fragrance: Blue lotus oil is an effective anxiety reliever. The scent of blue lotus oil is fresh, sweet and exotic. The fragrance of the Blue lotus oil also induces tranquillity. 

Sleep aid: Blue lotus oil can promote sleep and help people suffering from insomnia. The calming properties of Blue lotus oil help in inducing sleep. It is also known to induce lucid dreaming. It contains “Alkaloids” which promote sleep by reducing blood pressure. 

Hair: Blue lotus oil helps to improve hair strength and have healthy hair. The potential hair care properties help to keep the hair moisturized when massaged into the scalp. It also improves hair growth and enhances the density of hair. 

Aphrodisiac: Blue lotus oil is known to increase sexual energy and since there is a demand for a natural solution for sexual enhancement without side effects, it is widely by couples. It can boost libido and it is widely used as an aphrodisiac to increase potency.

Skincare: It has anti-ageing properties and is antibacterial. It can effectively reduce acne and tighten the pores. They work best for oily skin, effectively reducing sebum and cleansing the aggravators. It also improves the texture of the skin. Since they are anti-oxidants, they can negate free radicals in the skin. They can also protect against UV radiation. It also helps to treat skin burns and inflammation.

Uses of Blue lotus oil

Massage: Blue lotus oil is used for massaging by mixing with carrier oil. The inclusion of Blue lotus oil increases the efficiency of massage substantially. The massages help in both aromatherapy and by penetrating through the skin. It helps in improving blood flow and reducing muscle pain while providing relaxation.

Diffusers: The diffusers disperse oil into the surroundings and a few drops of Blue lotus oil can be used in diffusers along with water, as per manufacturer instructions.

Shower: The blue oil can be diluted with a carrier oil and mixed with warm water before the bath. Using blue lotus oil for a bath enhances the bath experience and it provides refreshment and relaxation along with its rich benefits.

Humidifiers: The humidifiers vapourize the oil into the surrounding air while also increasing humidity. A few drops of blue lotus oil can be added to the water and it can be used to humidify and add spirituality and calmness to the environment.


Cosmetic Products: Due to its imminent benefits, Blue lotus oil is used to make luxury cosmetic products. It is widely used in Cosmetic products such as Soaps, Lotions, Hair masks, Shower gels, Moisturizers etc., 

Perfumery: It is extensively used in fragrances like Perfumes, candles and air fresheners. Perfumes with Blue lotus oil are suitable for both men and women. It also blends well with other scents due to its mild aroma. Blue lotus oil is also widely used to make incense and potpourris, which when burned, induces focus and improves the immune system function.

Precautions: The absolute oils are abstracted in an extraordinarily concentrated form, therefore caution has to be exercised while using the Blue lotus absolute oil. The oil should be mixed with carrier oils before topical application. Pregnant and breastfeeding women should consult a health professional before using the Blue lotus oil.



Along with its attractive blue colour and alluring fragrance, Blue lotus absolute oil offers mesmerizing benefits. The unique benefits make it one of the extremely popular oils. In recent times, the cultivation of the blue lotus flower has increased dramatically, based on its extensive benefits for both mind and body.

Blue lotus absolute oil extracted from screened blue lotus flowers can be purchased from DBR Exports India, a leading supplier of essential and absolute oils.

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