Roasted Coffee Oil Co2 - Coffee Arabica

Coffee Oil - Co2

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Coffee Oil - Co2

  • Botanical Name - Coffee Arabica
  • Oil Grade – Therapeutic
  • Aromatic Tone – Warm, Smoky, Fine Roasted Coffee Like
  • Country - India
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Pure Coffee Oil via SCFE Co2: (from the Roasted Coffee Beans)

Coffee Oil is produced from roasted coffee beans via SCFE Co2 Process lead to a truer aromatic "coffee experience." that is closer in aroma to freshly brewed coffee.

It is considered a safe, nontoxic and non-irritating oil for use in cosmetics and skin care formulations; it could also be used as part of the carrier for oil-based natural perfumes.

Roasted Coffee Bean CO2 is gaining more widespread use in personal Care, Skin Care and Luxury Perfumery product formulation.

Traditional and sacred uses of Coffeaarabica include anointments with aphrodisiac effects, especially when paired with Cardamom and Honey (or Beeswax).

Coffee Oils have become an integrated part of almost all beauty routines. From coconut oil hair masks, to olive oil body scrubs, to using essential oils in our skin care. The oils have become a big thing in the beauty world and Perfume Industry.

Our Rich and Authentic Roasted Coffee Bean Oil is widely used in Cosmetic, Skin Care & Perfumery Industry & Aromatherapy Industry.

Apart from Rich in Aromatic Qualities, The Co2 Oil of Roasted Coffee also help our body and skin in many ways like it Deeply moisturizes skin with a lightweight feel, Hydrates hair and scalp, Soothes skin inflammations and calms acne, Diminishes the appearance of cellulite, Fights signs of aging by reducing wrinkles and plumping skin, Improves the appearance of scars and burns, Alleviates muscle pain and tension, Reduces swelling of insect bites and bee, Prevents stretch marks before they appear, Replenishes dry mature and sensitive skin.

  • Botanical Name - Coffee Arabica
  • Part Used – Coffee Beans (Roasted)
  • Oil Grade – Therapeutic
  • Color and Appearance – Brownish Liquid
  • Odour Strength – Medium to strong
  • Extraction Method – SCFE Co2 Extraction
  • Aromatic Tone – Warm, Smoky, Fine Roasted Coffee Like
  • Blends well with -  Rose Oil, Bergamot, Lavender Oil, Carrier Oils, Cedarwood, Sandalwood and many more
  • Application – Cosmetics, Perfumery, Personal Care, Skin Care, Beauty Care
  • Industrial destination – Cosmetics, Perfumery, Toiletry, Aromatherapy
  • Country - India



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Sample Size 10 ML
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Available Quantity Yes
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Botanical Name Coffee Arabica
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