Best Rosemary Oil

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best rosemary oil
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Best Rosemary Oil

SKU: DBR/ESO/060-Sample
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Rosemary Oil | Rosmarinus Officinalis:

Rosemary is an herb in the mint family. In its native habitat, it grows in rocky Mediterranean soils as a shrubby, evergreen plant that can grow to six feet tall in sheltered areas. However, conditions on the windswept slopes of the region usually keep the bush smaller. The oil has great fragrance and therapeutic healing values. 

Use of Rosemary Essential Oil and its Properties:

  • Botanical Name - Rosmarinus Officinalis
  • Color and Appearance -  Light pale yellowish mobile liquid.
  • Odor - Strong, fresh, woody, herbaceous somewhat minty forest like.
  • Odour Strength -  Medium
  • Grade - Cosmetic
  • Country - India
  • Method of Production - Steam Distillation
  • Blends well with - Bergamot,Cinnamon,Clove Bud,Geranium,Juniper,La bda nu m, Lavendin,Niaouli,Petitgrain,Tea Tree.
  • Industrial destination - Fragrance Industry, Pharmaceutical Industry, Incense Industry, Cosmetic Industry
  • Main ingredients - Cineole, Alpha Pinene ,Camphor, Terpineol , Borneol.
  • Application - Rosemary oil finds extensive use in perfumery for citrus, colonges, lavender water, fougeres and oriental perfumes. It has good effect as a masking                              agent particularly for phenolic or tar like odor.

Rosemary Essential Oil

Native to the Mediterranean region, Rosemary is an aromatic evergreen shrub that belongs to the mint family. The extracted essential oil has a distinctly fresh, woody, and minty aroma making it an excellent choice for aromatic, and culinary purposes.

Also, its antimicrobial and anti-spasmodic properties can be effectively leveraged to treat a range of health conditions including aching muscles and joint pains, inflammation, infections, digestive issues, and much more.

If you are looking for rosemary oil online, feel free to connect with DBR Exports to buy rosemary oil of top quality in the desired quantity at a reasonable price across the globe.


Which brand is best for rosemary oil?

Looking out for Rosemary Oil of best grade?  Look no further! DBR Exports India is a leading supplier of essential oils and absolutes across the globe. DBR Exports India holds all the requisite certifications, supplies globally in the desired quantity, provides spill-proof and hygienic packaging, and provides top-quality products at a competitive price.

Which company rosemary oil is best in India?

Several companies in India provide rosemary oil online and export the product globally. But, the best company is the one that uses safe and efficient techniques to extract the oil or procure it from a reliable source. 

At DBR Exports India, you can shop for rosemary oil of superior quality extracted using an effective steam distillation process. Depending on your application, you can avail of the desired quantity at a competitive price.

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