Watermelon Seed Oil

SKU: DBR/CBO/017-Sample
Pure Watermelon Seed Oil_Pure Citrullus vulgaris Oil by DBR Exports India
Pure Watermelon Seed Oil cold Pressed
Watermelon Seed Oil

Watermelon Seed Oil

SKU: DBR/CBO/017-Sample
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Authentic Essential Oils and Co2 Oils by DBR Exports India
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Watermelon Seed Oil (Citrullus Vulgaris):

Watermelon Seed Oil has great healing, transdermal and emollient properties. It is light and quite penetrating. It is rich in omega 6 and 9 essential fatty acids. The oil readily absorbs into the skin and dissolves sebum build-up allowing the sebum to wash away. It also balances the moisture in the skin. 

Watermelon seed oil is perfect mix for body and facial oils and it is quite effective on greasy skin types. The light texture, moisturizing capabilities and stable shelf life of watermelon seed oil allows it to easily blend with most of the essential oils. 

Water melon oil is loved base for various cosmetics and hair care products for its non-greasy feel and moisturizing properties. This is a good option for a carrier oil in aromatherapy.

  • Botanical Name: Citrullus Vulgaris
  • Grade: Therapeutic
  • Extraction Process: Cold Press
  • Part Used: Seeds
  • Origin: India
  • Color: Clear to Yellowish
  • Blends Well with: Many Essential and Carrier oil
  • Usage - Cosmetics, Toiletries, Hair care, Beauty and skin care Products, Aromatherapy.

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