Labdanum Absolute

SKU: DBR/ABO/040-Sample
Pure Labdanum Oil_Cistus ladanifer Oil by DBR Exports India
Pure Labdanum Absolute Oil via solvent Extraction
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Labdanum Absolute

SKU: DBR/ABO/040-Sample
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Authentic Essential Oils and Co2 Oils by DBR Exports India
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Labdanum Absolute | Cistus Ladanifer

Labdanum Absolute is a very thick and sticky absolute. It is obtained from the Cistus Plant. It has a Deep, Sweet Balsamic, Faintly but persistently herbaceous, ambery Aroma. Labdanum Absolute Oil is used in fine Perfumery and Skincare Industry.

Labdanum Uses, Benefits and it's Properties :

  • Botanical Name - Cistus Ladanifer
  • Color and Appearance - Brown thick mass
  • Odor - Deep, Sweet Balsamic, faintly but persistently herbaceous, ambery
  • Odour Strength - Medium
  • Grade - Therapeutic
  • Method of Production - Solvent Extraction
  • Application - Labdanum is used extensively in perfumery, partly as excellent Fixative, partly to introduce a rich suave sweetness and natural Undertone. Which blends well with colognes, all kinds of oriental Bases, chypres, amber bases etc. The only drawback being deep coloured. 
  • Blends well with - Oakmoss, Clarysage, Pine, Juniperberry, Opoponax, Lavender, Lavandin, Bergamot, Cypress, Vetiver, patchouli, Olibanum
  • Industrial destination - Fragrance Industry, Cosmetic Industry , Incense Industry
  • Country of Origin - Spain/India
  • Main ingredients - Sabinene, Myrcene, Cineol, Borneol, Neroli

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